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San Fernando Valley Scottish Rite  has “All-Star” Installation On January 19, 2007, the recently constituted San Fernando Valley (SVF) Scottish Rite held its installation of officers with an “all-star” installing team. Douglas Lemons, 33º, Past Lt. Grand Commander and Past Master of Masons in California and Hawaii (1980-1981) was the Installing Officer; Ernest Borgnine, 33º, Grand Cross, the Installing Chaplain; and Earle J. Hino, 33º (Northern Jurisdiction), Past Grand Master of Masons in New York (1995-1998), Installing Master of Ceremonies; with R.W. Richard W. Hopper, Deputy Grand Master, representing M.W. Melvin B. Stein, Grand Master of Masons in California as special guest. David P. Ottinger, Jr., 33º, Personal Representative of William F. Stovall, Deputy for the Orient of California, was the Honorary Master of Ceremonies.  He escorted Earle J. Hino, Jr., 33º, PGM, into the lodge room at the direction of the retiring Venerable Master, (98-year old, Guinness Book of Records candidate), Robert T. Gilmore, Jr., 33º, who lead the SFV Scottish Rite in its first year.   All honored guests were received under an Arch of Steel with swords and lights. H. Douglas Lemons, 33º, Past Lt. Grand Commander, was received with the appropriate number of swords and lights, with swords clashing and mallets beating in cadence as he passed under the Arch of Steel—in a ceremony not previously seen by most in attendance. Scott T. Porter, 33º, was installed as Venerable Master along with a full core of officers for all four Bodies.  There was not a single empty seat in the Van Nuys Masonic Hall where installation took place. The SFV Scottish Rite was an outgrowth of the San Fernando Valley Scottish Rite Club that operated for a number of years prior to Letters Temporary being issued in 2004.  The keystone of the Club’s success was the fun and good fellowship enjoyed among the members.    Fun and good fellowship was clearly evident in the evening’s festivities—as was the serious side of the installation. Introductions and presentations were held to a minimum to accommodate remarks by the honored guests following the installation. Personal Representatives and/or Secretaries from San Diego, Santa Ana, and Ventura Scottish Rite Valleys were introduced. Group recognition was given to visitors from some ten other Valleys—including Buffalo, NY and Richmond, VA. Earle J. Hino, Jr., 33º, PGM, Ernie Borgnine, 33º, Grand Cross, & H. Douglas Lemons, 33º, PGM, and R.W. Richard W. Hopper, DGM, shared their views on Masonry—each with their unique perspective and all with their love for Scottish Rite Masonry and for the Blue Lodge.  It was a truly memorable night that will be long remembered by all those in attendance.   Tokens of appreciation were presented to each of the honored guests.  These were sculptures designed and commissioned by Joyce M. Porter, wife of Scott T. Porter, 33º, depicting two eagles perched on the top of craggy peaks over looking a family consisting of a buck, a doe, and a fawn—and other flora, fauna, and wildlife—symbolizing Masons, particularly Scottish Rite Masons, watching and protecting the Family of Freemasons.  This is in keeping with the SFV Scottish Rite’s theme for the coming year—Watching Over You.  Joyce has been involved with the fraternity for some 45 years, was a Masonic Widow when she and Scott met and married, and has experienced first hand the fraternity watching over you.   Stated Meetings for the Valley of San Fernando are held on the third Friday of the month at the Van Nuys Masonic Center, 14750 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, California 91405-2214. Visit the website of the San Fernando Scottish Rite at: Visit the Orient of California website at:                         Photos: (Top) Brothers De Luna, Lemons and Borgnine at the Installation of Officers for 2007. (Second) 98-year old, Guinness Book of Records candidate, Robert T. Gilmore, Jr., 33º, who lead the SFV Scottish Rite in its first year. (Third) Presentations given to honored guests.  (Fourth) Brothers Hino, Borgnine and Porter relax before the installation. (Fifth) Officers escorted through an arch of steel. (Last) The Van Nuys Masonic Center where the Scottish Rite of San Fernando meets. Top image submitted by Jim Lewis, 32nd, KCCH. Story submitted by Scott T. Porter, 33rd. Other images all taken by Thomas K. Sheehan, 32nd. Reprinted with permission of the Scottish Rite Journal, March-April 2007
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