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Chapter of Rose Croix - 15th through 18th o
The degrees of the Chapter of Rose Croix are very complex.  They attempt to invest the candidate with a deeper understanding of Religion, Philosophy, Ethics, and History.  The intellectual challenges presented in these degrees, is at times overwhelming, and can take years to master.   A thorough reading of the chapters related to them in Morals and Dogma and in the Legenda and Readings is essential to achieve even a basic comprehension of their true meaning.
15th degree - Knight of the East, of the Sword, or of the Eagle:  In this degree "we learn fidelity to obligations and perseverance of purpose under difficulties and discouragement."  The apron is of crimson velvet, edged with green, with a bleeding head above two crossed swords, and a triangle (top point to the left) with three interlaced triangles inside it.  The jewel is three concentric gold triangles, with two crossed swords inside them.  16th degree - Prince of Jerusalem: This degree teaches "heroism of patience, the nobility of self-sacrifice" and compassionate judgment, along with charity, fidelity and brotherhood.  The apron is crimson, edged in gold and aurora-color, and with a square, shield, Delta (with three YOD's), balance, and a hand of justice.  The jewel is a mother-of-pearl lozenge, with a hand holding a balance in equipoise; under it a sword with five stars surrounding the point.  On the left is a Hebrew D, on the right is a Hebrew Z. 17th degree - Knight of the East and West: The lessons of this degree are that loyalty to God is man's primary allegiance, and the temporal governments not founded upon God and His righteousness will inevitably fall.  The apron is of yellow satin, with crimson and gold, and with a sword and Tetractys (of the Tetragrammaton) on it.  The jewel is a heptagon of silver and gold, with crossed swords on a balance on the obverse, and a lamb on the Book of Seven Seals on the reverse.  The jewel is hung from a double order -- one black (left-to-right) and one white (right-to-left), representing good versus evil.  A gold coronet is also presented.  18th degree - Knight Rose Croix: This degree teaches that life and its strengths come from God. The rose signifies the dawn and the cross is a sacred symbol of antiquity in many cultures. To be tolerant of others errors and faults.  The apron is of white leather or satin, bordered in red, with a skull and cross-bones, a red passion cross, and three red rosettes.  The grand jewel is a gold compass open on a quarter circle.  A rose-cross is between the legs of the compass, and under it is a pelican, tearing its breast to feed its seven young, on the obverse, and an eagle with wings extended, on the reverse.  On the circle are the letters I.N.R.I. 
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