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About Us - Palm Springs Valley - 1987
    Palm Springs is a favorite resort town of about 40,000 lying at the foot of the 11,000 foot San Jacinto Peak. It is known for its luxurious homes and world class golf courses. The population swells to about 125,000 during the tourist season. Palm Spring Lodge No. 693 was chartered in 1947 and presently has about 315 members. The Valley of Palm Springs Scottish Rite was chartered in 1987. Its membership is approximately 315. It meets on the second Thursday of each month except July and August when it is dark. The meetings are held in the Palm Springs Masonic Lodge building located at 450 South Avenda Caballeros. (1)     Bibliography Sources   My thanks to all those, names and nameless, who helped me amass the materials used in compiling this history of the Orient of California . Ill:. Robert D. Haas 33° 1.  Palm Springs Bodies - Fax
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