Scottish Rite California
John Mitchell Time Line
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Ill. Brother John Mitchell, 33° Time Line By: McDonald "Don" Burbidge, 33°      According to the Librarian and Historian of the Supreme Council, Dr. James D. Carter, 33° who contacted Col. John H. Crowe, 32° in 1963, was at the time a descendant of Col. John Mitchell who found among his family possessions a small miniature portrait of the late Col. John Mitchell, 33°. Col. Crowe loaned the small miniature to the Supreme Council and was recreated on canvas by Allyn Cox who at the time was one of the greatest portrait painters at the time in America.      It is believed that Col. John Mitchell was born in 1741 in Dickstown, County of Antrim, Tickmacrevan Parish, Ireland.      In 1764 on March 4th Col. John Mitchell next is found in the Dominica, British West Indies and his occupation at this time was that of a merchant. He remained there until around the end of July 1766.      Next he is found around 1775 as a well-established merchant on Front Street between "Market and Chestnut" in Philadelphia and at the time he was married.      He is next again found on March 5, 1776, offering his services to the Safety Committee of Pennsylvania and received the appointment of "Muster Master of the Naval Armaments and to the Artillery of Pennsylvania. 1776 Col. John Mitchell applies for a job with the Pennsylvania Council of Safety. October 25 - The Journals of Continental Congress owes Col. John Mitchell expenses for serving as an escort to General Prescott and McDonald. 1778 A correspondence begins between John Mitchell and George Washington November 11 - In an acknowledgement letter from George Washington to Col. John Mitchell that the goods that were sent to him had been received. The letter also mentions about if Col. John Mitchell has found suitable living quarters for Mrs. Washington. 1781 June 25 - Barend M. Spitzer confers the degrees of Inspector upon Col. John Mitchell in Philadelphia. 1782 This is the year that any known record of Col. Mitchell is found in Philadelphia. 1783 Col. John Mitchell is appointed Master of the Lodge of Perfection at Charleston. 1784 It is strongly believed that Col. John Mitchell arrived in Charleston, South Carolina some time during this year. 1787 September - Col. John Mitchell is elected as Warden of Ward No. 2 at Charleston, South Carolina. The City directory lists Col. Mitchell as living at 30 East Bay Street and Master of Lodge No. 8. 1789 Col. John Mitchell is listed as Past Master of Lodge No. 8, in Charleston. 1790 The City directory lists Col. John Mitchell as a Warden, Magistrate and Notary Public in Charleston. Listed as Junior Warden of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina 1793 Col. John Mitchell is mentioned as holding the office of Steward for the Society of Cincinnati. 1798 Col. Mitchell is listed as a member of the Standing Committee of the Society of Cincinnati. 1800 Listed as Deputy Grand Master for the state of South Carolina. 1801 May 24 - Brother John Mitchell, "K.H.P.R.S., Deputy Inspector-General," granted to Brother Fredrick Dalcho Esquire a patent, certifying him to be K. H. and Prince of the Royal Secret, and creating him Deputy Inspector-General. May 31 - establishes in Charleston, South Carolina along with Ill. Bro. Frederick Dalcho the first Supreme Council of the Scottish Rites in America. Col. John Mitchell, a native of Ireland and an officer of the American Army in the War of the Revolution established "The New Age Magazine on May 31, 1801. Col. John H. Mitchell is listed as living at No. 11 Lynches Lane 1802 Col. John Mitchell Perfect Sovereign of the Rose Croix Chapter in Charleston and President of the Council of Princes of Jerusalem and Grand Commander of the Grand Consistory. 1803 John H. Mitchell is listed as living at No. 29 East Bay Street and his occupation is listed as a Quorum Unis & Notary Public. 1806 John H. Mitchell- Quorum Unis & Notary Public- 29 East Bay Street 1807 Col. John H. Mitchell is listed as a Quorum Unis & Notary Public living at No. 7 Magazine Street 1816 Col. Mitchell, John H., is listed as living at No. 17 Guignard Street and still a Quorum Unis & Notary Public with an office at No. 250 East Bay Street 1819 Col. Mitchell, John H., is listed as living at No. 17 Guignard Street and still a Quorum Unis & Notary Public with an office at Office 250 East Bay Street 1822 Col. John H. Mitchell, is still listed as a Quorum Unis & Notary Public and living at No. 42 Guignard St. with an office at No. 88 East Bay Street. 1826 DIED, on Thursday evening, in the 85th year of his age, Colonel JOHN MITCHELL, For many years Notary Public and Magistrate of this city. Reference: The Charleston News and Courier Date : January 27, 1826

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