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City of Charleston
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The City of Charleston      But what about the city of Charleston and the many historic sites and tours available for the visitors?  Taking in some of these sights and tours will enhance the visit of every Brother, his lady, or guest during the Biennial Session's centennial celebration. The following is extracted from a visitor's guide to Charleston: This is one of America's most beautifully preserved architectural and historic treasures, with a rich, 300-year history just waiting to be discovered.  Hundreds of significant and lovingly preserved structures from the colonial and antebellum periods grace the Historic District's narrow streets.  History unfolds around every corner as past and present intertwine. Visit Charles Towne Landing, the site where the original settlement was established in 1670.  Explore the Charleston Museum, our nation's first museum, or Patriots Point, the world's largest naval and maritime museum and home of WW II's "Fighting Lady," the aircraft carrier Yorktown. Drive to Fort Moultrie, scene of the first decisive American victory of the Revolution. Take a scenic boat tour to Fort Sumter, the man-made island fortress where the Civil War began. Also, world-famous plantations and gardens in and around Charleston offer visitors a fascinating glimpse into life during the antebellum era.  These tours are either walking, horse and buggy, or bus tours.      The area's lush sea islands and sun-drenched beaches offer as much recreation as your heart desires.  Golf is on a world-class level, with challenging courses reflecting the natural beauty of the South Carolina low country.  Charter fishing on the Gulf Stream or inshore waters is readily available.  Shopping is one of the most passionate pursuits of visitors to Charleston.  Marvel at native sweetgrass baskets and handmade crafts found in Charleston's famous open-air market, or browse through inviting boutiques, art galleries, and antique shops found throughout the Charleston area.      When it comes to dining, your biggest decision may just be what to try next.  Every meal is a celebration of tastes, with variety that ranges from traditional oyster roasts to fine continental dining.  If festivals strike your fancy, you have come to the right place.  You will be dazzled by a diverse array of special events.  At any time of year, you will always find more to see, do, and experience than you ever imagined in a place where warm welcomes have been a treasured tradition for over 300 years.      Noted etiquette expert Marjabelle Young Stewart has named Charleston the most mannerly city in America in her annual list of the "Ten Most Mannerly Cities."  According to Ms. Stewart, "there's the beauty, the lifestyle, the pace.  No matter where you go, there is the genuine feeling of treating others the way you would like to be treated."  This is the seventh time that Charleston has topped the annual list.  The temperate fall and winter months are the perfect time to enjoy the unique historic and resort experiences of the Charleston Area.  Also, Charleston is one of the "Top Ten" cities in the world for value according to Travel & Leisure.  Southern Living magazine's 1999 Readers' Choice Poll names Charleston as the favorite choice for a "Romantic Getaway."  And, Family Fun magazine has named Charleston the second most popular city in the southeast for family vacations.      I hope the above has provided you the information you seek about Charleston and that you will come a few days early or stay a few days after the Bicentennial to enjoy this historic city.  Make your plans now as October 2001 will be here before you know it.      Many plans are underway for celebrating the 200th Anniversary and some of the activities in planning stages are: Public religious service Public reception of distinguished visitors Public dedication of display at Charleston Museum Supreme Council Sessions open to all Scottish Rite Masons Public concert on Yorktown K. C. C. H. Investiture (Public) and 33° (33° only) Dedication of marker at Shepheard's Tavern site (corner of Church and Broad) Dedication of marker at Scottish Rite Center honoring the eleven original members. Souvenir coins, commemorative plates, name tags, first day postal covers, lapel pins, and large pictorial history of the  Supreme Council. Reprinted with permission of the Scottish Rite Journal, May 2000

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