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Books and Places in Charleston South Carolina
Research Books and Places in Charleston, South Carolina Information Complied By: Ill. Bro. McDonald "Don" Burbidge, 33º      Ill. Brother Frederick Dalcho was a man of tremendous insight and organization. The publications he wrote and gave are well documented, unfortunately the publications are spread out over the world or have been lost to time.      I would like to quote a passage from the story "The Masonic Writings of Ill. Frederick Dalcho" which was printed in the October 1999 issue of the Scottish Rite Journal. "In 1823, after many years of faithful service, Brother Dalcho wrote a letter of resignation to the Grand Lodge of South Carolina. It is perhaps his best-known document and explains how Freemasonry influenced his life: "Freemasons are under stronger sanctions than other men are; and, therefore, that more is required of Freemasons than of others. His heart tells him that man lives not for himself alone; that he is surrounded by human beings who, perhaps, his opinions and example may, in some wise, injure or improve. He feels an accountability resting upon him, which controls his passions and regulates his conduct. He considers himself as a light to the world, to guide the wayfaring man through the journey of life; and to lead him to the temple, 'not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.'... Then ought they not to show, in their lives and actions, the happy influence of Masonic principles over worldly feelings and personal considerations, and be an example for the imitation of others? Unquestionably, my Brethren, they ought. And, to the honor of the Craft be it recorded, that they are many, and, I trust, very many, who are strictly governed by the principles they profess."      On December 24, 1805 Ill. Bro. Frederick Dalcho provided the Medical Society with an Oration. In it, he stated the following: "Let us, gentleman, cheerful and resolutely determine to make our society as useful as it is respectable, to make it the school of instruction, and the deposit of important information for our posterity. The ardent pursuit of scientific information, which it adds respectability and honor to a country, is of incalculable depth; an inexhaustible source of usefulness and profit. The human mind, vast and capacious in its resources, is bounded by no limits, but the GREAT FIRST CAUSE, and yields to no impediments, but the disorganization of matter. The hearts expands with virtue and benevolence, as the mind extends its information. The riches of the ancients become our property, and the labors of the learned, become our amusement. Compared to the learned, of the present day, the ancients were but the pupils of science; and we, in turn, will have to yield the palm of knowledge to those who will succeed us, and who, probably, will look back upon us, but as the removers of literary rubbish, or the pliers up of disjointed facts."      Without the insight of Ill. Brother Frederick Dalcho and others we would not have any records on which to look back on to learn from. In an effort to help those that are interested in learning more about the founders of the Supreme Council, their lives, and Charleston itself we have listed below the places and some of the books that will benefit the individual(s) in their quest for information. Research Libraries Located in Charleston Charleston County Library (South Carolina Room 2nd floor) 68 Calhoun Street Phone: (843) 805-6968 College of Charleston Special Collections 66 George Street (843) 953-8016 King Street Library 164 King Street (843) 723-9912 South Carolina Historical Society 100 Meeting Street (843) 723-3225 Waring Hall Library 175 Ashley Avenue (843) 792-2288 M-F (8:30AM-5:00PM) A Listing of Some Books to Begin With: Eleven Gentlemen of Charleston Author: Ray Baker Harris Dated: 1959 History of The Supreme Council Author: Ray Baker Harris, 33deg Dated: 1964 People and Professions of Charleston, South Carolina, 1782-1802 By: James W. Hagy Dated: The History of Freemasonry of South Carolina By: Albert A. Mackey, M.D. Copy Right: 1931 Ahiman Rezon 2nd Edition By: Ill. Brother Frederick Dalcho, 33° Dated: 1822 The History of Freemasonry of South Carolina By: Dr. George W. Williams City Directory for 1794 Published by Jack Milligan as the Charleston Directory Printed By: Charleston: P. Young Nelson’s Charleston Directory, and Strangers Guide, for 1801 Published by: John Nixon Nelson Dated: 1801 New Charleston Directory and Stranger’s Guide of the Year 1802 Published By: J. J. Nergrin Printed By: John A. Dacqueny, 1802. A Directory for 1803, Containing the names of the entire House, Keepers, and Traders in the City of Charleston. Alphabetically Arranged. Their Particular Profession, and Their Residence. Published By: Eleazer Elizer Printed: 1803 Negrin’s Directory, and Almanac for the year 1806; Containing Every Article of General Utility Published by: J.J. Negrin Printed: 1806 The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry By: Charles Summer Lobingier 33º Grand Cross Dated: 1932 The New Age Magazine Dated: September 1911 A Man of Accomplishment, A Man of Peace Author: Barry A. Rickman Dated: December 18, 1990 Oration Delivered in the Sublime Grand Lodge in Charleston South Carolina Author: Frederick Dalcho Dated: 23rd of September, 1801 Circular Throughout The Two Hemispheres Author: Frederick Dalcho A Short History of the Diocese of South Carolina Arthur: Dr. George W. Williams Dated: 1953 An Historical Account of the Protestant Episcopal Church Arthur: Frederick Dalcho, M.D. Dated: 1822 Architects of Charleston By: Beatrice St. Julian Ravenel Dated: Lodge of the Double-Headed Eagle, Two Centuries of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in America's Southern Jurisdiction By: William L. Fox, 33 o Dated: September 1997 Sandlapper Magazine January/February 1991 John Lining, An Early American Scientist By: Franklin C. Bing Dated: 1928 American National Biography By: John A. Garraty and Mark C. Carnes Volume 13 Dated: 1999 A History of Medicine in South Carolina 1670-1825 By: Dr. Joseph Ioor Waring, M.D. Dated: 1964 South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine Source: From: Charleston County Library Science in the British Colonies of America By: Raymond Phineas Stearns The Two Hundredth Anniversary of America’s First Systematic Weather Observation By: Weather Bureau Dated: 1953 Charleston News and Courier By: D.R. Rickborn Dated: June 28, 1959 History of the St. Andrew’s Society of Charleston, South Carolina 1729-1929 By: J.H. Easterby Dated: 1929 The Winyah Indigo Society of Georgetown, South Carolina Located at the Charleston County Library The South Carolina Gazette By: Hennig Cohen Dated 1953 The History of South Carolina under the Royal Government 1719-1776 By: Edward McCrady The Culture of Early Charleston By: Frederick P. Bowes Dated: 1942 Weather Observations of Charleston By: Dr. Lionel Chalmers Dated: 1777 History and Records of the Charleston Orphan House 1790-1860 By: Susan L. King American National Biography By: John A. Garraty and Mark C. Carnes Volume 13 Charleston News and Courier By: D.R. Rickborn Dated: June 28, 1959 The Culture of Early Charleston By: Frederick P. Bowes Dated: 1942 New Men, New Cities, New South By: Don H. Doyle Dated: 1946 A History of the Medicine in South Carolina 1670-1825 By: Joseph Ioor Waring, M. D. Dated: Philadelphia and London Printed By: J. B. Lippincott Company Dated: 1921 Review of the Improvements, Progress and State of Medicine in the 18th Century By: Dr. David Ramsey, M. D. Dated: An Historical Account of the Protestant Episcopal Church in South Carolina By: Frederick Dalcho, M.D. Dated: 1820 The Newspapers of Charleston, S.C. By: William L. King Dated: 1872      Good luck to all in their quest for additional knowledge.  If you don’t know where to start looking for information contact Ill. Brother McDonald "Don" Burbidge. I will be glad to put you in the right direction.      After the 200th Celebration is over I would like to personally send out a request to all attending. My request is that any and all articles that are written on this historic event, a copy be sent to me for future generations to review. My address is as follows; McDonald Burbidge 155 Chandler Drive Ladson, South Carolina 29456 e-mail:
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